Scales of Justice

Adventure 12

Your Mom's an Ogre

(February 17th)

During the return sail from the Isle of Inn-is-Mouth Ceridan De’Arunsel and Knolan Alvaar Altimus spoke to Captain Cloudreaver about gathering some of the other ship’s captains together as a fleet for Krog (either in service or as paid mercenaries). The Cpt. made no promises but said he would try talking to some of the other ship captains. The party then saw to it that Flying Sir General King Emperor Admiral (he bought a boat) Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit and his new bride returned home safely.

Krog charged his adviser Malevictus to accompanying the party to meet their Dragon friend (Morning) and open discussions about allying. Some members of the party, seemingly from the future, purchased items and alcohol at the merchants in Krogville before (after?) departing.

At the border between Krogland and the lands of Fitzleon the party awoke to find themselves in darkness witnessing ghosts of fallen elves and hobgoblins attacking one another. After a terrifying amount of time they eventually awoke unharmed yet disturbed by these horrifying illusions that seemed to cause the party to attack / trip one another. Not nearly enough grappling was done.

Upon arrival at Morning on Crescent the party found Morning resting happily on the surface with many elementals moving about working to rebuild her former palace. After some discourse and plot, Knolan discovered that Howe was not in his home and the party quickly noticed some horse-like tracks leading off to the north. Morning tasked the party with finding their missing friend, because they’re heartless bastards and wouldn’t do it without provocation.

Ogres and Boars and Bears, oh my

Nearing the north-western tip of the Crescent forest the party heard the cries of an injured bear nearby a river. Approaching they found a hideous Ogre wearing a cloak of various skins with two hunting boars about to kill the bear (that was caught in a trap). Deciding that without a Druid the party really doesn’t care about a lonesome bear being eaten, they examined closer to find that the bear was incredibly well kept and seemingly tamed as if by some kind of person who would tame animals (and perhaps is half-animal himself?)

Ogre with a big spear

After rectifying the situation with the Ogre and boars, the bear was set free and immediately began leading the party along a path towards what appeared to be a boarded up cottage and a nearby barn. A pit trap was nearly walked into, and then climbed around/avoided, as an Ogre playing a giant banjo nearby fled into the barn. Investigating the barn the full might of the party fell upon the four deformed ogres inside and their two trained giant boars.

Battle for the barn

The party then moved to investigate the heavily boarded up house and its grossly engraved wood porch with bone chimes. Eventually entering the house through an eldritch blasted window, the party continued through a series of gross and corpse-riddled rooms. Two child-like ogres were offed, secret doors and a disgusting bathroom were found, then the party decided to venture into the most heavily boarded room to find a Zombie Ogre doing naughty things to some grossly obese female Ogre with two other Zomb-ogres standing guard.


Being in a cramped hallway, half of the party ventured upstairs to attempt an assault from above only to find Howe near death, with a missing leg, hanging from meat hooks in a room with a moss-covered Ogre of some kind (Tendriculos). Eventually the mossy ogre was offed, the floor in this room destroyed to expose the gruesome scene below to a pincer attack-like barrage of missle weapons. Also of note is that the female Ogre keeps her rat familiar in her body-folds.

Simultaneous battles up and down stairs

Sensing defeat, the massive She-Ogre teleported out of the room. After a quick regroup, Ceridan suggested checking out the barn again, being the only logical place for her to have gone. Sure enough, there she was in her corpulent glory. The party jumped her (in a slightly different way) before she could recoup or even drink any tasty moonshine.

Monsters killed, Howe rescued (despite being near death), the party quickly fled back to Morning where Howe could be restored back to health. No doubt he will be haunted for a long time by what he was subjected to, and is no doubt an alcoholic (still).



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