Scales of Justice

Adventure 15

Daudhir Park is Frightening in the Dark

(April 20th, 2008)

After the epic fight last time, the party sets sail for the Elven Duchies to follow up on a few leads, and for Dulin to finally visit home. Arriving in the city of Bel'Armoth,  the party is escorted  to see Elrick of Astley and Celendíon, Dulin's parents. After a rousing rendition of Elrick's famous song, Ceridan De’Arunsel is taken off for treatment for the serious Gas Spore disease he has contracted.

Dulin explains the party's mission, and accuses one of her parents of being half-dragon, a charge which they deny. They then explore the grounds a bit to find some clue as to Dulin's heritage. During the search, Knolan is slapped by one of the maids, who turns out to be Knot Altimus's mother. He offers to pay years of back alimony. 

Rathgar and Haladorr Boro chat up Ceridan's healer, an ancient elf named Gral, but find him nearly incoherent. After Ceridan is good to go, they explore the city. In one of the fine taverns, they overhear someone bragging about valiantly defending Morning on Crescent. The crowd parts, and they spy Mandrake the Younger stuffing his face. Mandrake was presumed dead with the town, and upon seeing the party, attempts to flee, but is easily stopped.

He explains how he was given advance warning by Fitzleon to flee the city, and how it was his duty as Mayor to inform Fitzleon whenever anyone came close to uncovering the dragons. The party takes him back to the ship as prisoner, in case he would be handy later.

During the night, Dulin is approached by her sister Nadin, who reveals herself to be the Blue Talon. She offers to make Dulin a Talon as well, and join her (despite a lot of residual bitterness.) Dulin is given a piece of Daudhir's talon, which allows her to transform for short periods into a blue half-dragon. It also points the way to Daudhir.

In the morning, the party leaves for the Sands of Daud, the mysterious desert to the southwest.

Laying the smackdown on a dino

The trail leads to a stepped Pyramid in the middle of the desert, which is surrounded by an unnatural jungle. Worshipping at the temple are many Lizardmen, Yuan-Ti, Troglodytes, and the occasional dinosaur. Dulin approaches and declares that she is the grand-daughter of their God… to which they don't take too kindly to, and the battle is joined.


The Pyramid

A fierce battle later (wherein Ceridan spends some time as a snake), the party is victorious. They naturally assume that there is a secret entrance under the altar, and so take their time before descending. Dulin is the first to plunge on, descending into the empty first floor of the pyramid. She quickly determines that the pyramid isn't all that well made, and gets some assistance dropping heavy objects down to smash through the floor.

The next floor featured a Couatl, who happily offers to teleport the party down to meet the dragon. This is a trick to get the party eaten by raptors.


Raptor snacks on Dulin

However, they are more than a match for some mere Raptors. The next level down leads into a massive chamber, where Daudhir, great wyrm blue dragon, stays confined.


Blue dragon on the prowl

Dulin converses with her grandmother, but receives only nonsense about the "coming of the 4th age." According to Daudhir, the 4th age:

  • Will see her dragon children take over, and gnomes and half-orcs wiped out
  • Sorcerers making pacts with infernal powers
  • Halflings becoming taller
  • Many of the metallic dragons will go away (or be replaced), while chromatics will still reign supreme.

Clearly, total nonsense. Occasionally, the party approaches, and she takes a swipe at them.


Zorgin vs. a Great Wyrm

Near the dragon's horde, they discover a passageway to a reverse-gravity chamber on the other side, which contains Eden, the Copper dragon. After waking up Eden in the requisite way, she explains that she cannot escape while the above chamber holds, and they will have to knock out two important pillars to collapse the pyramid and free her.

Waking Eden alerts Daudhir, who flies into a rage and begins to attack. While trying to avoid her powerful jaws, the Scales hack away at the pillars. Rathgar, an expert in stonework, uses a Stone Shape spell to simultaneously break a pillar and slow down Daudhir. The party then takes a few pot shots at her, and ends up standing in a line… and she unleashes her mighty lightning breath. Heavy damage is incurred, but it also strikes the other pillar, finishing it off.

Eden breaks free, and scoops up some of the party. Knolan grabs Rathgar's unconcious form, and uses his whip to grab a hold of Eden's leg as she takes to the skies. Beneath them, the pyramid collapses in on Daudhir, burying her beneath the sands… 


Poor gramma.

Btw, you forgot to mention that I GOT TO FLY!!!

Adventure 15

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