Scales of Justice




The fighting could have lasted days. Though confused by all the dragons fighting around them, the armies of Fitzleon had their orders: kill the Orcish army.

That is, until the Order of Heironeus arrived from Fitzleon and gave new orders to stand down: the Orcs were in the right. The army of Fitzleon surrenders.

The Orcs find themselves with a power vacuum, with their King and Queen dead and Malevictus nowhere to be found. It briefly looks as though a new power struggle could erupt among the Orcish forces, until two young men step forward.

“Excuse us,” says Grob Zerk, “but we are sons of the late Queen.”

“I'm the one who's a Prince!” says Draube,

“We're both Princes!” says Grob. “We're both mom's sons!”

“I know, but they actually called me a prince! You were dead at the time!” Inside his ear, a voice urges: “Become the Orcish King so you can order them to fight, man!”


It took some work to detach Ceridan from the body of Klorphaxius. He did use Sovereign Glue to attach themselves to each other, after all. But as befits a pirate, there was only one option: his hand was cut off, and replaced with a hook. 

Afterwards, the abbot approaches Ceridan. “I think we can safely say that your quest to investigate the lair of Virivis has met with some success. Now that we're not at war with the pirates, we're looking to set up branches all over, and I need a good trainer for all our new members. Interested?”


A group of Dwarves approaches Rathgarr. They were Fitzleon soldiers, conscripted into battle. They wonder if you would be interested in leading a group of them into the old country up north to retake the ancestral homelands, especially now that the Gnolls have been routed.

Over in the distance, Rathgar spots three ghostly figures. One, the cleric Verdigris, smiles. Next to him, a dwarven man and woman, dressed in fine clothes. They exude a warm and familiar feeling. They hold each other, smile, and all three fade away…


“We have to tell your mother about Nadin. She'll be heartbroken, pumpkin, but you did what you had to do. At least we had one daughter turn out right.” Elrick of Astley saddles back up on his griffon, humming a familiar tune to himself.

Dulin stands there for a second, before a Lizardman emerges from the bushes.

“We await your command, m'lady. We live to serve the granddaughter of the great one.”

“Have a new royal outfit ready for me when I come. For some reason, I keep getting them destroyed. Extra jewels! As many as you can fit on!”


Three figures emerge in the royal inner city: one that is completely unguarded. Richard Chelton and his two compatriots from the thieves guild make their way into the Royal Treasury, bags of holding in hand.

“This should be plenty to retire on,” he says.


Haladorr Boro directs the Treants on construction of his new home. A large open area is home to Snake Slayer and his pack, the deadliest known wolf pack in the world. Another area contains plenty of space for a mammoth to graze. Various other animals live in harmony. Haladorr smiles, and changes into bear form to enjoy nature. Howe gallops up, beer in hand. He looks at it for a second, before tossing it aside and running after Haladorr.


The hobgoblins spread the gospel of Lumin and the Illuminatar. Soon, they are ready for his return, and to hear the word. The hobgoblin nation has always lived in the shadow of the Orcs, and thrived on their hatred of the Elves. Now the tribes can unify once and for all.

But he will not return for many years. Kyuzo wants to show her son the world, and wants the Godfather along for the ride.


His heart troubles sent him a clear message: the eternal wanderer should settle down. He has a few more stories to tell now, and he's settled into Bel'Arnoth where they appreciate a good singer.  For the second time in his life, Knolan has found a place where he doesn't feel the need to travel. But it is the first time where he has a wife and a son: a family that loves him.

Of course, the wanderlust can only be subdued for so long… 

Years pass…

Life has been peaceful by and large for the former scales. Each one has settled into their lives, the adventures of the past becoming stories to tell when they are able to meet up and reminiscence about their days as world saviors.

It is a rare day where each and every one of the companions meet for dinner. It is a day away from the responsibilities of wives, children, kingdoms, and domains.

Then a figure approaches from the shadows, his pitch black skin looking the same as it did all those years ago. He addresses the assemblage. “Hey hosers, remember that favor you owe me?”



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