Great Wyrm Red Dragon


Initiative: +4

Speed: 40 feet on land, 200 feet flying. (Due to wing damage, can only fly for 1 round at a time.)

AC: 34 (41 if Scale Weakening is dispelled)

Touch AC: 2

Saves: Fort +32, Ref +22, Will +32

Immune to Fire, Sleep, and Paralysis.

+50% damage from all Cold attacks

Spell Resistance: 23


Grapple +73

Full Attack Routine:

    * +49 Bite , 4d8+17, 40 ft.
    * +47 2 Claws, 4d6+8, 30 ft.
    * +47 2 Wings, 2d8+8, 40 ft
    * +47 Tail Slap, 4d6+25, 60 ft. (Can only attack targets that have not been attacked by your other attacks)


Single attack after moving:

    * Bite +49 bite, 4d8+17, 40 ft. (use this for opportunity attacks)


      Hideous Blow Eldritch Claw, 4d6+8 Physical + 8d6 Fire, 30 ft. 

Breath Weapon:

    * Due to the effects of the staff, the breath weapon can only be used once.
    * 70 ft cone, 24d10 fire damage, DC 40



    * Anyone in the area where you land takes 4d8+25 damage, reflex DC 40 or be pinned



    * Half-circle 40 ft in diameter, 2d8+25 damage, reflex DC 40 for half



All Invocations are standard actions to activate.

    * Eldritch Blast with Brimstone Blast and Repelling Blast: 8d6 damage, reflex save or catch on fire for 2d6 damage per round, and be hurled backwards 1d6 squares.
    * Dark Ones Own Luck: Gain +8 to one save of your choice for 24 hours. Can only activate once.
    * Entropic Warding: Each ranged attack directed at you has a 20% miss chance, and you leave no trail.
    * Hungry Darkness: As the darkness spell, but filled with bats.
    * Flee the Scene: Dimension Door with a range of 70 ft. Major image remains in the place you teleported from for 1 round.
    * Devour Magic: Greater Dispel Magic in touch range. Gain 5 temporary hit points for each spell level dispelled, these do not stack with each other.
    * Wall of Perilous Flame: Create a Wall of Flame, half fire damage half evil damage. Prevents resurrection after 1 round.
    * Dark Foresight: Warns of danger in the future.
    * Word of Changing: Baleful Polymorph another.


Dragon Powers:

    * 12/day: Locate Object
    * 3/day: Polymorph Self (one already used)
    * 1/day: Discern Location
    * 1/day: Find the Path


Relevant Skills:

    * Bluff +51
    * Concentration +31
    * Diplomacy +55
    * Hide -16
    * Intimidate +53
    * Listen: +51
    * Sense Motive: +28
    * Spellcraft: +29
    * Spot: +51


King Klorphax, the Red Tyrant, the Emperor of Blood, ruled the lands to the west for many years with an iron fist. Yet he never set his sights beyond the borders to his kingdom. He was content with ruling over the Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and other beats that inhabited his lands. Often, he would encourage war between different tribes to see who was strongest. He seemed to have no interest in actual ruling and improving the lives of his people: King Klorphax lived for violence, bloodshed, and chaos. That is, until Flying Sir General King Emperor Admiral (he bought a boat) Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit arrived from across the seas. Krog was able to unite the Orcish tribes (and eventually tribes of other races too) to topple King Klorphax's empire. Krog's army grew and grew as it approached the capital. It was there that Klorphax revealed himself to be a Red Dragon, and began to lay waste to Krog's army. Krog and his compatriots hatched a plan. Krog used his flying carpet to challenge Klorphax, and lead him back into the King's palace. In order to chase Krog down, Klorphax was forced to change back into his human form to fit. Klorphax was blinded with rage and was convinced that if he killed Krog, the rebellion would end. That plan was put to a halt as Klorphax was trapped by a Forcecage surrounded by an antimagic field. Though Krog and Co had no way of killing Klorphax, the combination of spells effectively keep him trapped forever. Klorphaxius remains trapped to this day, but seems to have learned his lesson in patience…


Or at least, that's what he wanted everyone to think. The real story follows:

   Klorphaxius was one of the first children of the dark goddess Tiamat, and is one of the oldest creatures in the world. After many years in Tiamat's home in the Abyss, Klorphaxius was released to wreak terror and havoc on the world. Many of have tried to defeat him, but all have met with death.

      About 400 years ago, Klorphaxius and many of his kind came to a newly discovered continent to continue their work. However, he found that the place was already settled by many of the lesser races under the protection of the good dragons, the Champions of Bahaumut.

      Klorphaxius and his kin tried for many years to stop them, but the alliance between the Champions and the various races was too strong. Additionally, the Champions had the archmage transmuter Virivis on their side. Virivis's greatest invention, the Dragon Gate, was able to banish the evil dragons back to the Abyss, making any confrontation with them incredibly risky.

      Seething with rage, Klorphaxius beseeched Tiamat to grant him the power to conquer his foes and rule like he should. Tiamat rewarded him with dark powers and insight, but stripped him of his inborn dragon magics for his previous defeats. Should he fall in battle, or return to Tiamat, she would ensure that he would suffer for eternity.

      Through his dark pact with Tiamat, Klorphaxius was able to find out about the Scales of Justice: ordinary people empowered by the Champions using their dragon magics. He also peered into the heart of Virivis the archmage, and found under the visage of the kindly wizard, a sadistic streak and a fear of death. Klorphaxius knew he could use this to turn Virivis to their side.

      Klorphaxius taught the other Children how to make a Talon: one of the lesser races empowered with Tiamat's dark invocations. The Talons infiltrated the kingdoms and began to sow dissension. The green Talon managed to find one of Virivis's sanctums and poison him.

      Virivis tried desperately to cure himself of the abyssal poison that raced through his body. He tried all kinds of experiments, throwing all out of his ethics about transforming others in a race to cure himself. Eventually he found he had but one choice left: become a Lich. However, the good dragons would not allow such a thing. Virivis found that his only choice was to approach the Children of Tiamat and learn the process of Lichdom from them. The fall was complete, and Virivis became a Lich, completing his transformation to evil.

      Thus the Draconic Revolution begin. All out war raged between the evil dragons and the good, with everyone else caught in the middle. Losses were heavy on each side, and the Talons were efficient in creating civil wars and causing old grudges to flare up. Elves and Hobgoblins fought again, Dwarves warred on Gnolls, and chaos reigned.

      Enter Virivis, now the lich known as the Creator. His condition for learning the secrets of lichdom was to devise a spell that would put the Champions to sleep, and strip away their shape changing abilities and give them to the Children. Upon the day of a particularly vicious battles, the Champions returned to their lairs to formulate strategy for the next day… only to find themselves put to sleep. The Children emerged victorious, but were warned by Virivis that they would remain asleep only as long as they were not attacked (standard sleep spell clause.) Elaborate structures were created to contain the sleeping Champions.

      Using their new shape changing abilities, and with the help of the Talons, the Children replaced the leaders from the Draconic Revolution. Because no one knew where the Champions had gone, and because of the general chaos of the time, it was easy to create a new history where the good dragons had won, and the peoples were victorious… and should submit to the rule of the leaders (who had since been replaced.)

      The Children created the Pax Draconis: the continent would be divided among the five surviving great wyrm dragons. Their territories would be absolute. The Talons, meanwhile, would be used to protect the locations of the Champions from being discovered. Any chance discovery would be put down as absolutely as possible. Keeping the secret hidden was the top priority of all dragons.

      And so it lasted for nearly 300 years. Evil dragons are notoriously bad for keeping their word, and so they warred against themselves, but the Pax Draconis, in spirit at least, was maintained. Klorphaxius had conquered a kingdom of Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins, but he knew he was destined for more. He again communed with Tiamat on how to eliminate all his rival and conquer all. He saw a vision of the future with the arrival of a great warrior who had slain many dragons. His coming would trigger another war, much more final than the last. He also saw something that terrified even a mighty great wyrm: the Dragon Gate was still out there, having been captured by the Scales in one of their last acts after the war. Not only could he lose his kingdom, but he could be banished back to Tiamat and punished forever.

      Klorphaxius began to plan his most ambitious gambit. He would give up his kingdom, and incite all-out war. All the dragons (good and evil) would wipe each other out, the armies of the lesser races would destroy each other, and he would emerge from the ashes to wipe out any last resistance and rule once and for all.

      Along came Flying Sir Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit and his adventuring band, famous for having freed other countries from the rule of evil dragons and escaping from a prison-dimension of horrors. A perfect patsy.

      Krog came and united the orc, goblin, and hobgoblin tribes in a way Klorphaxius could never manage. As Krog's army grew, he was approached by a mysterious Warlock who promised a way to defeat Klorphaxius forever. The warlock was named Malevictus, and was Klorphaxius in disguise. Malevictus was the one that warned Krog that Klorphaxius was actually a great wyrm, but also suggested an ingenious prison to trap him.

      The epic battle of Krog's forces and Klorphaxius's for the capital of Klorphaxen (which would later be known as Krogville) raged on. Malevictus slipped away to “initiate the trap” and showed up as the great wyrm red dragon. He pretended to grow enraged at Krog, and as Krog lured Klorphax into the palace where the trap was set, Klorphaxius made a quick switch with his polymorphed Talon (who was also his red dragon son). The Talon acted as Klorphaxius's human form, and fell into Krog's trap. There he would remain for decades, keeping the charade as an imprisoned Klorphaxius.  Malevictus made sure to maintain the illusion that Klorphaxius was imprisoned in the basement below the palace, while manipulating Krog into waging war on the other countries.

      Then the Scales arrived in Krogville. They were a crucial part in reviving the good dragons to wage war on the evil, and so he assisted them in their quest when able. It also allowed him to study the strengths and weaknesses of his future enemy. Meanwhile, he set up some mercenary for hire as the stand-in Red Talon for the purposes of the Pax Draconis.

      After the war reached its peak, and all his rivals had been eliminated, his primary goal would be to take the Dragon Gate out of the picture. Afterwards, it would just be a matter of eliminating any remaining threats. For only then, could Klorphaxius conquer the continent once and for all. From there, any survivors would be battle-hardened, and could begin to train his new army to conquer the rest of the world. The entire world would be his sacrifice to Tiamat.

Malevictus: the entity created by Klorphaxius to disguise himself. Despite being thousands of years old, Klorphaxius couldn't help but still clothe himself in red and give himself a name similar to Klorphaxius. His warlock powers helped hide his true identity as well, and gave him a cover story for why he registered as evil to Paladins.

Klorphaxius was killed by the Scales at the War of the Crescent.



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