Knolan Alvaar Altimus

Performer / Adventurer Extraordinaire!


Somehow a successful and surviving Bard. (possibly the longest surviving bard ever among these players)


Many spend their lives growing old, searching for a place to stand still and rest, and wondering why nothing exciting ever seems to happen to them. Knolan Alvaar Altimus has always fled quickly from such things, taking him to lands as far as the Veil of Winter or beyond the Elven Duchies to the south. It was these facts which made it most surprising to Knolan himself when he decided to settle down in the Elven town of Morning on Crescent. He could not bear to leave this place, and though he’d traveled far over many years he now felt the pangs of middle age firmly setting in and began to realize that he had not accomplished or learned nearly as much as he should have.

Until the day Morning on Crescent was attacked by Kobolds and the towns people discovered a drunk and surly centaur near town, an expansive dungeon was discovered beneath the tavern, Teena the Barmaid transformed into a were-rat, Dulin somehow managed to earn Knolan acceptance into the Fitzleon Bard’s Guild, Morning on Crescent was destroyed by the Talons who then slayed the entire party, the mysterious town of mutants to the west was finally found, the lost lair of Virivus was discovered, Draube Zerk was captured by orcs and taken into the west, and Klorfaxious the red dragon…

Knolan recently discovered that he has an older half-elf son named Knolan Alvaar Altimus Jr. (nicknamed Knot) who is a traveling musician wielding a specially forged Axe-guitar. Knolan Jr. bested his father in a rock-off, and let known his hatred and disdain for his father. Knot’s mother was an Elven woman from a village in the Elven Duchies.

Knolan Alvaar Altimus

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