Virivis is the legendary transmuter who performed experiments on the descendants of the town of Muta in exchange for providing them with wealth, food, and protection. His sanctum is somewhere near Muta but has never been found by the residents. It is said that Virivis was the first wizard to fuse an Owl and a Bear. It is probable that Virivis is "The Creator" of the Sahuagin and Kuo-Toa on the island of Inn-is-Mouth.

First worked with the good dragons, then made a deal with the black dragon to gain Lichdom. Xen the Bronze declared war on all of Virivis's creations.

Virivis developed the spell to keep the good dragons from transforming, and to put them to sleep. Afterwards, fearing his power, the evil dragons banished him to a dimension that only evil creatures can go to.

After emerging, he recovered his Dragon Gate, and used it to control the evil dragons. He waged war on the good dragons and Morning on Crescent. However, his phylactery was destroyed by the Scales.

He fought alongside the Talons against the Scales. He was weakened by the Scales attacks, and then Klorphaxius emerged and finished him off with a big bite.


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