White Talon


Once, was a member of the Maelstrom clan, who wanted to strip mine the mountains for raw materials to continue to manufacture his constructs and weapons. His name then was Freizen Ironside.

The Maelstrom clan had been given half of the Dragongate to protect by Kyuzo before the sleep spell took effect. They were told to guard it at all costs.

Freizen discovered its existence when they brought it out to deliver to the Bronze Order. He made his way out of the Kingdom and found Califyra, and offered to give her the location of the Maelstrom Kingdom in exchange for being able to work on his creations.

She agreed, and changed him into her Talon, causing his entire body to freeze. Together, they wiped out all the Dwarves in the Veil, starting with the Maelstroms (but not before they sent the Dragongate on its way.) Freizen was also not able to recover the Maelstrom Hammer, or find the heir to the Maelstroms.

He used his finest creation (an Iron Golem) as his body for the final fight against the Scales. He was crushed by Rathgar's hammer. 

White Talon

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