Zorgin'Skeet Rahban


Dragon Shaman 13


Methodlogical and detail orinented. A leader (or desire to be) that perfers to send out underlings but fully belives that he will have to finish the job and often completes the task whether they do a good job or not.          Outgoing and full of energy, but in a cold and calculating way.  Concited and selfish.  Ready to lash out or         strike an underling if they act out of line or disobedient. Distrusting in other races and bullied individuals `        into following.  Catuious.  Very obeident to established leaders till he can figure out how to overthrow and         take their palce, or till they stop following his "code".  He followed his own code of ethics. Might and         intelligence were his valued stats.  Prejudice of lesser races (all races) like orcs, goblins and any race         smaller or stupider than hobgoblins.  Powerhungry in the form of leading.
        Now with his chage to Lumin's Talon many of these traits will continue to lessen and become lesser         degrees     including a newfound respect for life and individuality.  Different personalitys and             individuals now can serve his purposes.  Rules and Order are most important follow but he sees that he's         not the only one    in the world and other ideas are possibly good ideas too.  More willing to follow estabished         orders. Very rarely lie unless the need is great.  Still seeking power and controll but following the             estabished ways to achieve it.  His prejudice will probably lessen the more he travels with the group.

    Zorgin'Skeet born to  Millatreen (mother) and Kawi'Skeet Rahbane (father) In the Land of Aladar.  His father was killed in his early life during a skirmish raid on human settlement of Uberville.  His Uncle Garbar'Skeet, a Priest of Grummsh took in both his mother and him as well as his siblings where his Uncle took Millatreen as a second concubine. His uncle quickly rose in the ranks of Grummsh and indoctrinted Zorgin'Skeet in to the ranks of the preisthood.   Zorgin'Skeet didn't take well to the preisthood and could never connected with Grummsh and so failed out.  His like of order and discpline caused him to be singled out and recruited into the ranks of the Hoboglin army where he excelled as a tactian and became a raid cheif.  Many humaniods were enslaved and killed due to his cunning and ruthlessness.  Recently due to Garbar's visions of the comming of "DREAD"  general Optin'rashis has directed secret communications with another power group the (red talon).  Thus Zorgin'Skeet demanding to see proof of (red talons) power went to the moutain of Lumin's lair.  After the PC's (totally Draub :P ) killed Zorgin he was visited by the single eye of Grummsh.  He was tourted and devoured by devils of Grummsh and praticed upon as a "living" dummy.  Many orcs that he himself had slain took revenge upon him.  Untill the a Bright Golden Flash in the open sky above him. The voice of Lumin asked if he wanted to redeem his soul and have a second chance at life and changing the world.  The bargin would be that Zorgin forsake his past and follow the directions of Lumin.  He would be marked on his left hand with a bloody eye and a golden lightning bolt cutting overtop of it. That he must join the party and help the other dragons as well as the soon to be born offspring of Lumin.

Zorgin proved an essential ally to the Scales as they freed the Champions of Bahaumut. He was declared godfather to Kyuzo and Lumin's son, the Electrum Dragon. Zorgin named the dragon Stampy McSkittles, who lended Zorgin some of his power.

After the War of the Crescent, Zorgin traveled the world with Kyuzo and Stampy to find any other dragons in the world.   

Zorgin'Skeet Rahban

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