Scales of Justice

Tricentenial Celebration: Adventure 1
"Troll Mama!"

(August 18th, 2007)

The Tricentenial Celebration of Morning on Crescent stands to be the party of the year. It had everything: drinking, performances, and… kobolds?

Raiders attack the celebration, but are mostly fended off by 7 brave adventurers:

However, in the midst of the chaos, a child is kidnapped by a particularly fast kobold. The party heads into the woods to save him (after a quick beer break) and comes across the home of Howe the Centaur. He leads them along the Kobold's tracks to ruins where the kobolds have set up… only to find that the way is blocked by two trolls. While the trolls are busy discussing their love lives, the party hatches a plan. Howe reluctantly agrees to let Knolan ride him, and with a shout of "Troll Mama!" leads them on a chase. Meanwhile, the party sneaks into the ruins and finds the Kobold raiders, and someone who is apparently their queen. The child is in danger, hanging over flames on a spit. The two sides clash, with the Kobold Queen summoning a fire elemental to aid. But it is no use against the power of Obad-Hai, who easily turns the elemental away from attacking. A hard fought battle later, the child is recovered. After examining a strange idol in the ruins (which the party is not able to make sense of) they return to town as heroes.

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