Scales of Justice

Adventure 12
Your Mom's an Ogre

(February 17th)

During the return sail from the Isle of Inn-is-Mouth Ceridan De’Arunsel and Knolan Alvaar Altimus spoke to Captain Cloudreaver about gathering some of the other ship’s captains together as a fleet for Krog (either in service or as paid mercenaries). The Cpt. made no promises but said he would try talking to some of the other ship captains. The party then saw to it that Flying Sir General King Emperor Admiral (he bought a boat) Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit and his new bride returned home safely.

Krog charged his adviser Malevictus to accompanying the party to meet their Dragon friend (Morning) and open discussions about allying. Some members of the party, seemingly from the future, purchased items and alcohol at the merchants in Krogville before (after?) departing.

At the border between Krogland and the lands of Fitzleon the party awoke to find themselves in darkness witnessing ghosts of fallen elves and hobgoblins attacking one another. After a terrifying amount of time they eventually awoke unharmed yet disturbed by these horrifying illusions that seemed to cause the party to attack / trip one another. Not nearly enough grappling was done.

Upon arrival at Morning on Crescent the party found Morning resting happily on the surface with many elementals moving about working to rebuild her former palace. After some discourse and plot, Knolan discovered that Howe was not in his home and the party quickly noticed some horse-like tracks leading off to the north. Morning tasked the party with finding their missing friend, because they’re heartless bastards and wouldn’t do it without provocation.

Ogres and Boars and Bears, oh my

Nearing the north-western tip of the Crescent forest the party heard the cries of an injured bear nearby a river. Approaching they found a hideous Ogre wearing a cloak of various skins with two hunting boars about to kill the bear (that was caught in a trap). Deciding that without a Druid the party really doesn’t care about a lonesome bear being eaten, they examined closer to find that the bear was incredibly well kept and seemingly tamed as if by some kind of person who would tame animals (and perhaps is half-animal himself?)

Ogre with a big spear

After rectifying the situation with the Ogre and boars, the bear was set free and immediately began leading the party along a path towards what appeared to be a boarded up cottage and a nearby barn. A pit trap was nearly walked into, and then climbed around/avoided, as an Ogre playing a giant banjo nearby fled into the barn. Investigating the barn the full might of the party fell upon the four deformed ogres inside and their two trained giant boars.

Battle for the barn

The party then moved to investigate the heavily boarded up house and its grossly engraved wood porch with bone chimes. Eventually entering the house through an eldritch blasted window, the party continued through a series of gross and corpse-riddled rooms. Two child-like ogres were offed, secret doors and a disgusting bathroom were found, then the party decided to venture into the most heavily boarded room to find a Zombie Ogre doing naughty things to some grossly obese female Ogre with two other Zomb-ogres standing guard.


Being in a cramped hallway, half of the party ventured upstairs to attempt an assault from above only to find Howe near death, with a missing leg, hanging from meat hooks in a room with a moss-covered Ogre of some kind (Tendriculos). Eventually the mossy ogre was offed, the floor in this room destroyed to expose the gruesome scene below to a pincer attack-like barrage of missle weapons. Also of note is that the female Ogre keeps her rat familiar in her body-folds.

Simultaneous battles up and down stairs

Sensing defeat, the massive She-Ogre teleported out of the room. After a quick regroup, Ceridan suggested checking out the barn again, being the only logical place for her to have gone. Sure enough, there she was in her corpulent glory. The party jumped her (in a slightly different way) before she could recoup or even drink any tasty moonshine.

Monsters killed, Howe rescued (despite being near death), the party quickly fled back to Morning where Howe could be restored back to health. No doubt he will be haunted for a long time by what he was subjected to, and is no doubt an alcoholic (still).

Adventure 11 (& 11.5)
Hotels over Inn-is-mouth

(January 27th & Feb. 2nd)


“Arrest them!” yells King Krog as Mama Zerk looks on. The divine spell casters prepare for a fight, but eventually, the party surrenders to Krog’s army.


The party sits shackled in cells until Malevictus returns and tells Knolan Alvaar Altimus to free the other party members to stop the impostors who replaced Krog & Zerk. Thanks to a simple yet effective distraction by Richard Chelton, the party is able to escape.


“Stop that Krog!” yells Krog, or at least Knolan described as Krog. Some firepower reveals the other impostors to be an Intellect Devourer and Astral Construct.


The impostors plow through the guards in an attempt to get to Klorphax in his magical prison. A crowded battle, with Krog’s guards attempting to get shots in, ensues in the hallway. The creatures are defeated before busting in, and the door is shut before the Great Wyrm decides to fry the hall…

Malevictus informs the party that they must rescue Krog. He has arranged transport to the last known spot of Krog and his bride: the resort island of Inn-is-mouth.


The party boards the ship captained by “Definitely Not a Pirate” Captain Cloudreaver, who reveals a piece of Ceridan De’Arunsel’s past. Getting close to the island, the ship is attacked by a ferocious Dragon Turtle. Using dragon-fighting weapons, a trained water elemental, and some shell-surfing skills, the beast is cut down.

The party investigates the island and the Merry Otter resort, run by Sahuagin and Kuo-Toa. Dulin and Zorgin pose as newlyweds and investigate the Honeymoon Suite to get a lead on Krog, while the rest investigate around. The caretakers of the island seem to live in one central structure. But the party decides to rest and recuperate after the savage Dragon Turtle attack.

In the middle of the night, Dulin and Zorgin are abducted by a Mind Flayer and powerful Sahuagin bodyguards. Dulin’s empathic link with her familiar enables her to signal trouble to Knolan. They leap into action, but are momentarily fooled by an Illithid illusion.

A lucky arrow shot nearly destroys the Mind Flayer, but he is able to teleport away before the killing blow can be delivered. A fight ensues with the psychic warrior Sahuagin, and the two “newlyweds” are rescued.

The next day, the party does a bit more investigating. They hear of “The Creator” who took the inhabitants of the island and combined them with aquatic creatures to survive, and told them to take care of the island (and left forever.)

Herb Silverleaf, used scroll salesmen, meets Knolan, and Knolan realizes that Herb’s memory has been tampered with. Strange doings are afoot! Resort-goers are being abducted bu the fish-men… but for what purpose?

Meanwhile, Zorgin has an “encounter” with Praxis Hillton, Dwarven Socialite.


Eventually, while the resort’s caretakers work on throwing a big bash at the waterfall, the group infiltrates the central compound. Knolan disguises himself as a Sahuagin, Richard Chelton goes invisible, and everyone else piles into a laundry cart.

In the basement, they come across dread happenings: abductees are being sacrificed so as to bring back The Creator into the world.


Battle ensues! But enough blood is spilled on the summoning circle to bring forth a creature from… somewhere else. A strange creature of tentacles and heads charges into the midst of the group, intent on spilling as much blood as possible.


It takes an all-out effort to defeat the Mind Flayer and the strange summoned creature. At last, the island and the prisoners are saved.


The creature shrieks an inhuman scream and contorts into nothingness, leaving only splattered demon blood as evidence it was ever there. The party works to free the prisoners and bring them above ground. On the way out, the party “liberates” some of the ill-gotten gains of the resort and makes their way to the rendezvous with Cloudreaver. An eerie calm has come over the island… the remaining Kuo-Toa and Sahuagin slink back into the deep. Whether they are finally free or just plotting revenge, you cannot be sure.

The coast is filled with the merchant ships that have made their living ferrying back and forth passengers to the resort island, and were horrified to discover that so many of the families they had carried had been separated thanks to the mind-altering talents of a horrid Illithid. The journey to reunite them won’t be easy, but for the captains, the joy of seeing forcefully-forgotten loved ones reunited will be thanks enough. You yourselves experience this when Herb Silverleaf has his wife and daughter returned to him.

You board Cloudreaver’s ship, and set sail back to Krogland. You continue to try to rouse Krog, who responds only with a slight gleam in his eye and grin. You are sure that with some time (and maybe a bit of magic) he’ll be fit to rule again.

The sun sets on the island of Inn-is-mouth and the tainted resort the Merry Otter. The threat has been stopped for now.

But under the island, a door has been opened, one not easily shut. The Creator gazes through at the world that banished him. The door is still too small for him to return, but in time, he will find his way back. When he does, he will exact vengeance… but on whom?

Adventure 10
Draube vs. the Volcano

(January 12th, 2008)

Part 1: Rust Monster Fight (with notes)

Knolan Alvaar Altimus, Dulin, Rathgar, and Ceridan De’Arunsel disguise themselves as Orcs and infiltrate a Gruumsh cult in Krogland.

Part 2:

Entry Chamber

The party heads to a volcano near Lenheat. They encounter the Red Talon and cohorts working on a magical rune. Eventually they beat the bad guys and figure out how to open it, and delve into the volcano.

Part 3:

Magma Keep battle (with notes)

The volcano’s dungeon has many challenges, leading up to a battle with a crafty Efreet, during which the valiant Barbarian Draube Zerk falls in battle. The party also discovers that they are too late to free Lumin the Gold.


The party rests and is restored to full health by the magic of the strange being known as Protectar. As everyone rests, he channels the power granted to him by Lumin to restore Draube Zerk to life. In the morning, you find that the ritual was successful, but Draube will need long term care and treatment to return to the life of the warrior, since his injuries were so grave.

Protectar also says that during the ritual, Lumin’s spirit appeared, and granted life to another. Lumin decided to create one Scale to protect his unborn son, and to aid the quest to restore all the dragons. One worthy soul perished within his lair: the Hobgoblin that was defeated earlier. He has been restored to life as a second chance to redeem his honor and soul, and granted new powers as befits a servant of a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon.

With new companion in tow, the party heads to krogland to leave Draube with his mother so that he can recover. Upon arriving, the party is quickly escorted to the throne room by Malevictus.

Flying Sir General King Emperor Admiral (he bought a boat) Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit and Mama Zerk sit in the audience chamber as you approach to say what has transpired. You can’t help but feel something is wrong… and then Krog orders you all under arrest for Treason. The Royal Guard trains its weapons on you. You pleadingly turn to your companion Malevictus for understanding, only to see dark energy forming around his hands, ready to strike…

Adventure 9

(December 30th, 2007)

After gathering as much information from Morning as they could, the party set off to find the other Champions of Bahamut. Morning summoned an earth elemental to dig the party out of her lair, but along the way a deep rumbling interrupted their ascent as an Umber Hulk riding a Bullette burst forth and burrowed straight for the elemental. The party managed to overcome the Umber Hulk’s captivating gaze and chant to stop the gruesome twosome from destroying the still tunneling elemental.

Back on the surface, the party made way to the West towards Krogland and the old town of Lenheat (where a tomb was found with the body of a long-dead Scale). The town of Muta was encountered along the way under siege from renegade Orcs, with Malakai the elder and Ambassador Krusik in the towns square attempting to organize a defense / retreat. The party was split about how to handle the situation, but eventually a group of orcs descended upon the small town (chasing the not so quiet scouts Ceridan and Richard) and a hasty defense was made. Most of the town inhabitants managed to get out alive, amidst orcs slipping off greased rooftops and a raging Eye of Grummsh being paralyzed and coup-de-graced.

The survivors of Muta, the Orcish Envoy, and the party made way to Krogville where they rested and took care of things around the city. While there Knolan discovered someone claiming to be his son, Knolan Alvar Atlimus Jr (Knot), a half-elf from one of Knolan’s various sexual escapades. Knot performed quite well with a custom Dwarven axe converted into a Guitar by the “Son of Gibb”, and even managed to best his father in a ‘Rock Off’ in the tavern. Knolan was approached by an elder orc named Fendarr who will create a custom axe for him if he gathers the necessary components.

Adventure 9 Rewards

Adventure 8: Crescent on Morning

(Saturday – December 8th, 2007)


The party emerges from the tunnels underneath Fitzleon after escaping from the Green Talon in the Royal Treasury Auxiliary.

A chill wind blows over the party, signaling that winter has arrived in Fitzleon.

Staying away from the main roads, the party camps for the night to rest and recover. During Haladorr’s watch, he hears a voice from behind him instructing him to drop his weapons or else he’ll kill Knolan in his sleep. The druid complies, but manages to alert the party. Thog the Bounty Hunter plans to bring the party in for the 2 million gold piece bounty. After rebuffing a few offers, they use their clout with Krog to convince him to let them go.

Morning On Crescent has not faired well during fall and winter. The plants are dying, the animals are dead or have left, and even the mighty river that runs through it has become lackadaisical. It is there that the Green Talon ambushes them, using a pair of dire boars and a lot of arrows.

Both Mimosa and Draube leaped over the river to the forefront of the battle as the rest of the party supported from across the river and formed defensive positions. Through some brutal hits and lucky lightning bolts, the Green Talon fell… only to disappear. Though some vengeance was had, it was only a taste of what was needed.

A quick visit to Howe later the party worked on finding a way to the trapped dragon underneath what remained of the city. Some time was taken to investigate the well, which connected back to a mysterious altar. Some debate later, the party decides to consecrate the altar, which opens the way down the well. Using his spider climb, the Warlock Malevictus investigates down a way, and finds the underground ruins.

The party follows behind, but dwarves are not all that built for climbing, so Rathgar alerts some creatures to their arrival. A fight ensues against some swarms of poisonous spiders, a Shambling Mound, and two Quasits (who quickly vanish.)

Victorious, the party investigates some dragon statues encountered previously. Quickly, Knolan sets about placing the dragon eyes in the statues. It takes a bit of convincing for Dulin to give up her red dragon eye, but it is done, and the statue hands over two more dragon weapons. It then moves to attack Draube, but he shatters it in a single blow.

A massive staircase leads downwards, leading up to giant stone doors that repeat a warning in every known language: “Beware. Danger. Keep Out. Death Awaits.”

This causes some argument among the party members, but after coming so far, they cannot turn back now. The doors are pushed open to reveal a massive chamber with a slumbering dragon. A strange enchantment falls over some of the party: this dragon must be killed!

Mimosa valiantly attempts to defend the creature of good from the advances of the charmed party, when Knolan comes up with an idea: to use the simple “Message” spell to wake the creature.

After a massive yawn, the dragon introduces herself as Morning, a great wyrm brass dragon. She dispels the enchantment, and explains about why the party is there, and how she has come to be there.


At the close of the Draconic Revolution, as the good dragons were placed in magical sleep by the evil dragons, there were the following dragons around:

Children of Tiamat
  • Klorphaxius the Red
  • Fitzleonikon the Green
  • Daudhir the Blue
  • Califyra the White
  • Munwirthrax the Black
Champions of Bahamut
  • Morning the Brass
  • Lumin the Gold
  • Kyuzo the Silver
  • Xen the Bronze
  • Eden the Copper

The Scales have been charged with the task of finding and freeing the remaining four Champions of Bahamut. Where will they head next?

Adventure 8 Rewards

Adventure 7: The Heist

(Saturday, December 1st)

In the secret tunnels beneath the inner city of Fitzleon, the party encounters Wesley “Weasel” Chelton, and several other members of the Thieves’ Guild. They invite the party to help take part in a heist of the Royal Treasury Auxiliary. In the middle of resting, Dulin appears in a flash of light, aided by the Red Dragon Eye given to her by Klorphax... for a price.

The party is told the Thieves will handle the side vaults, and their object is the main vault. The party will have to figure out how to access it.

Arriving through a secret underground entrance, the party splits off. They fight some small golem sentries, but in the midst of combat, the sounds they make (especially Knolan’s loud singing) attract the attention of guards in the other room. Richard tries to hold them off by tossing in the Orb of the Cube, but slips while throwing and manages to shatter it on the wrong side of the door. Thankfully he is able to force it into the room with the guards and close the door behind.

The party defeats the golems and ransacks the offices to find some clues and a blue key. They then venture into the guard room to find the Cube has eaten the guards… but is still hungry. They also find that two of the treasure chests are not, in fact, filled with treasure, but actually chest-shaped sticky monsters. A battle ensues once again, and they are victorious, added by the late arriving Haladorr and Snake-Slayer (who were lost in the tunnels.)

The party grabs a yellow key and runs upstairs to find the head guardsman: a multi-eyed creature who seem to be linked to a statue in the middle of the room. After being frustrated with the creature’s ability to fly and the statue’s inability to be hurt, Draube Zerk finally finds his way there and starts throwing alchemists fire while Malevictus grabs an amulet off the creature and Jikari fires off as many shots as he can. The party of 9 defeats the creature and recovers a red key.

In the next room is the main vault, sealed by a lock with three colored keyholes and a 1-9 dial. After pondering on the clue given downstairs, Knolan eventually figures out the code, and unlocks the vault as the party is drenched in gold. They also notice a Yellow Dragon Eye, which is quickly scooped up. A booming voice commands: “FREE ME!”

Returning downstairs to find the Thieves, the party discovers that Weasel has betrayed them to the Green Talon, and they are forced to run into the tunnels again.

Adventure 6: Bachelors & Breath Weapons

(Friday, November 16th)

Brief Recap:

The party is invited to attend Krog’s bachelor party. It’s not long before a typical orcish bar-brawl erupts… but then, it turns into something more sinister. An Eye of Gruumsh interrupts the proceedings by bursting through a window and attempting to assassinate Krog. The party holds off the Eye and the other turn-coat bar patrons. Malevictus, one of Krog’s advisors, brings Krog and the party their weapons, and they manage to stop the assassination attempt.

Speaking with Krog afterwards, they find that certain factions within the Orcish Empire are not entirely pleased with Krog’s leadership, especially as far as religion goes. (In fact, Krog seems to change the official religion every week.) The party says they want to discuss peace with Fitzleon, and so Krog sends along Malevictus to assist with the talks. The party has a few weeks while Krog is busy with the wedding and honeymoon.

The party departs (minus Dulin). They make a brief pit stop in Muta before heading on to Morning On Crescent. There, they find Howe fleeing from an angry Troll Mama and an ogre companion. They defeat them and rescue Howe. Howe explains that the town has had several visitors, and they appeared interested in a Well and an Altar. The party investigates the well, but since they have a mission, abandon the investigation.

They arrive in Fitzleon, and head straight for a meeting with Farizir. After hearing what they have to say, Farizir reveals that he has to take care of them, and that the Green Talon is actually the Captain of the Royal Guard of Fitzleon. Farizir unleashes his son, a green dragon, on the party, explaining that he’ll only eat those creatures that he’s personally killed.

The battle is hard fought, and several party members are almost killed, but thanks to some creative tactics and use of tables as a shield, the dragon is defeated.

The royal guard gets ready to storm in, but the party manage to find a secret tunnel.


You grab as much of the fine art and other things lying around the dining hall as you can before dashing into the secret chamber. The passageway shuts just in time as the guards burst down the front door.

You run through the secret passageways, which lead ever on into the dark. You’re exhausted and wounded from the dragon’s assault. And you realize… there’s something else down here.

You keep on the move, but you become more and more fatigued the more you press on, especially carrying the trophies of your last battle.

Then a voice whispers, “Psst! Over here!” With no real choice, you head into the side chamber. You are glad to be greeted by some friendly faces- a group of thieves is finding their way through the passages. They are led by a familiar looking face to one of you:

Wesley “Weasel” Chelton, brother to Richard. He offers you all to rest while they stand watch. He says he’s a high up in the local thieves guild now, and they’re embarking on a grand heist: to steal from the Royal Treasury Auxiliary. And he has a proposition for you…

Adventure 5: That's Just Wrong

(Sunday, November 4th)

Brief Recap:

Upon returning to Muta, the party finds that it has been occupied by Orcs. An ambassador from the Orcish Empire explains that they will soon arrive to conquer, and hoped for Muta’s cooperation. While discussing, DraubeZerk is kidnapped by Orcs. After Ceridan De’Arunsel sends off a messenger to the BronzeOrder to inform them of the goings-on around Muta. The party then sets off into Orcish lands, and after a few weeks travel, arrives in the capital of Krogville.

There, they meet Flying Sir General King Emperor Admiral (he bought a boat) Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit, who says that the party can see Zerk again if they complete a task for him- defeating a rebellious goblin tribe that has gotten a hold of some powerful magic. They grudgingly agree (plotting to betray Krog) and arrive in a town that has been destroyed. They avoid some of the goblin diggers, and arrive at a strange tower. Inside, they are ambushed by a Gelatinous Cube in the darkness, and outside, the dead rise and attack. After a few absorbtions, the party emerges triumphant. They ascend the tower, and disable a magical fire trap on the second floor. On the top floor, they confront the traitorus (and insane) goblin wizard, and defeat both him and his fire elemental.

The party recovers the first Red Dragon Eye from the goblin’s body. On the way out, they enter a tomb, and find a Note.

Upon returning to Krog, they find that Draube’s mother, Mama Zerk, is marrying Krog, and that’s why they needed Draube. Finally, the party descends into Krog’s dungeons to talk to the captured red dragon Klorphax. They find out a number of interesting things from him, not all of which can be entirely trusted…

Epilogue: You are cordially invited to the wedding of…




Reception to follow. Try not to think about the Honeymoon.

Mama Zerk is saddened to hear that her ex-husband and other son have died, along with the town where she settled down for a time (before realizing that she could never be a stay at home mom when there were still butts to kick). She swears vengeance on those who took her other son from her, and vows that when the other lands are conquered, the Talons will pay dearly.

To her surviving son, she gives the Zerk Edge, Snouge Zerk’s finest work. He collected every scrap of Adamantine that came through Morning on Crescent until he finally had enough to forge a masterwork Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe, which he gave to Lena as an Engagement Weapon. It has since been enchanted to be a +1 weapon on Mama Zerk’s journeys. She asks that Draube take care of it and use it in his father and brother’s memories.

She also can’t help but notice Rathgar’s unusual pendant, and remarks that it reminds her of the style of design used by some of the Dwarven clans to the north, in the Veil of Winter. Up there, if any of the clans can still be found, an answer might be discovered at last.

The Transumter's Lair: Adventure 4
"Owlbears in a Blender"

(Saturday – October 20th)

We began this adventure by regrouping outside of the Lair of the Kobold King, and after splitting up treasure both from the Lair and bodies of slain enemies Mimosa, Haladorr, Richard, Knolan, and Dulin ventured in to explore the rest of the Dungeon! As they entered Draube Zerk came running by, claiming that his mother was off to the west waging a “one-woman war” against the orks, but he seemed more then happy to see his old comrades again and gladly joined them for the moment. Upon entering the unexplored portion of the lair the party encountered another group of large snakes, one of which bit and “snake poisoned” Draube which would be his excuse for missing (blurred vision) or being hit (slow reflexes) for the rest of the adventure. Further into the lair we came to an elaborate door ahead with three key holes, and one door down a hall on each side. Richard explored to the left and peered through the door only to find three large, mutated looking monstrosities! Hoping that they hadn’t noticed him, Richard retreated back to the party but was soon followed by the monsters. The first was a large werewolf like creature, the second was a crawling green oozing mass which paralyzed upon contact, and the last was a very tall frog-like creature with a giant eye which caused terror in those who it gazed upon. During this combat a mysterious Elven man came to the party’s aid with some quite skillful archery, later identifying himself as Jikari. After a long, painful battle in the hallways with these monsters, eventually the party was victorious but very beaten up.

Investigation into the room where the monsters came from indicated an area of strong Transmutation magic, which Jikari, Richard, and Knolan took to investigating. At the same time, Draube grew impatient and peaked through the door to the right only to have several crossbow bolts narrowly miss his head. After a moment of regrouping the party charged into the room, halfling-paladins flying head first, to find a group of kobolds defending three magical circles on the floor with alchemists fire and tanglefoot bags. After dispatching with the pesky kobolds the group investigated the strange runes on the floor. Dulin discovered that one was a healing circle, and professed that another was a magical “dwarven healing circle”, which then transformed Draube’s skin (temporarily) into rock and caused him to sneeze small stones. Dulin subsequently jumped into the circle and experienced the pain of her skin being set ablaze, but thankfully that was temporary as well.

The party had now acquired three keys and set to opening the elaborate door. Inside they found the doorway split in two, leading to two separate rooms when the vision of the Kobold King appeared, claiming to have hostages and daring the party to rescue them and face him. It then became apparent that some mechanics or magics were at work for the rooms were moving! Each room contained a skeleton at its center which was turning a large crank, and the rooms rotated seemingly at random. There were six rooms in all, and after encountering some vicious owlbears, one of which Jikari and Draube knocked into a pit of blades screaming and spewing feathers all about, the party came across the room containing the two prisoners – covered in tons of rigged up Alchemist’s Fire! The party also detected the presence of the Kobold King nearby, but delayed because several members were still fallen unconscious and could provide no aide in what would undoubtedly be a tough fight. Rotating the rooms manually, the rest of the party was taken back to the healing circle and revived, but upon returning and rescuing the hostages successfully it appeared that the Kobold King had fled! Behind the last two of the six rotating rooms was bright stone hallway which led the party back to the surface on the other side of the mountains.

The Fall of Morning on Crescent: Adventure 3

(Sunday – October 7th, 2007)

Five mysterious figures stood on one of the larger hills: a cloaked archer in green, a masked warrior in red armor, a blue-skinned sorceress, a black clad assassin, and a painted-white golem. The city lay in ruins and corpses littered the streets. The remaining citizens tried to flee. Some heroes stood up to the menace, while others fled immediately. The Zerk brothers, enraged at their father’s death, charged the invaders. Grob bravely through himself in front of a disintegration ray to try to save his brother, who in turn was hit with a swarm of arrows. The golem cut a swath of destruction through heroes and townspeople alike. The fleeing adventurers found themselves caught in a fiery explosion. Richard Chelton, the last one standing, thought he had escaped into the shadows… only to be caught unaware as a blade plunged into his back from the darkness.

The party thought this would be their last adventure into the unknown… when a voice called to them from the darkness, becoming them back to the material realm. It spoke to them from the ether:

“All you know has died. You have tangled with dark and powerful forces who do not take to being trifled with. They have destroyed your home, your friends, and your family.

But I will bring you back. Your purpose now is vengeance against those who have wronged you so dearly. Free me, and live again to destroy those who have destroyed your lives. Fail, and return to nothingness.

Return now, and seek the Crown of the Kobold King.”

With that, the party awoke in the house of Howe, who explained that they had been out for several weeks. After resting, they returned to town to visit the wreckage. The dust that once was Grob Zerk had blown to the winds, and the twin mules Bob and Sasparilla had been picked clean by buzzards. There were no apparent survivors, and the town had been picked clean of items of value.

After burying the dead, the party set out west, to follow the trail of the kobolds from earlier. A few days of travel earlier, the party camps for the night in a flat, featureless land, and is attacked by overgrown serpents. After having enough of these motherf-ing serpents on this motherf-ing flat featureless land, they arrive at the town of Muta.

The Mutans are strange people, seemingly mixed with animals, elements, and other oddities. Through some clever performing, the town’s elder Malakai opens up and explains the plight of the Mutans.

(more added later)


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