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  • Teena

    Teena is a former barmaid of the Inn at Morning on Crescent. After being bitten by a wererat, she became one herself, and while transformed started leading the rats under the tavern. The party captured her, and brought her to Fitzleon to be cured. After …

  • Threnen

    Threnen is the highest priest of Obad-Hai in Fitzleon. He is a bit despondent because his church does not have many followers, and he inherited the main church in the capital city, and not many people want to worship a nature deity in a big city. He makes …

  • Wesley "Weasel" Chelton

    Weasel is Richard Chelton's younger brother. Since the two had seen each other last, Weasel became a "high-up" in the Thieves' Guild of Fitzleon. He invited the party to help with a raid on the Royal Treasury Auxiliary, but then betrayed them (and the …

  • Richard Chelton

    A traveling scoundrel who was partners with Knolan Alvar Altimus for a while. Has a brother named Wesley who he calls "Weasel."

    He left the Scales for a time to impersonate the Green Talon, so as to be a spy for Morning. After his …

  • Malevictus

    One of Krog's trusted advisors, Malevictus studied certain dark arts from the spell-casters who set up the trap for Klorphax. After an assassination attempt on Krog's life, Malevictus joined with the Scales to negotiate with Fitzleon.

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