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  • Teena

    Teena is a former barmaid of the Inn at Morning on Crescent. After being bitten by a wererat, she became one herself, and while transformed started leading the rats under the tavern. The party captured her, and brought her to Fitzleon to be cured. After …

  • Howe

    Howe lives in the Crescent forest outside of Morning on Crescent. He is an alcoholic. He once allowed Knolan to ride him around.

  • Mandrake the Younger

    Mandrake the Younger is the son of Mandrake the Elder, and was the mayor of Morning on Crescent until it was destroyed. He is presumed destroyed along with the town.

    However, he had actually been warned of the impending destruction by Fitzleon, …

  • Grob Zerk

    Grob Zerk is the brother to Draube Zerk and son of Snouge Zerk. He worked in his father's Blacksmith shop, but often got into trouble thanks to his mischievous brother. Grob also had a number of unusual ideas about religion. Grob sacrificed …

  • Snouge Zerk

    Snouge Zerk is the father of Draube Zerk and Grob Zerk. He was the expert blacksmith for Morning on Crescent. His sons witnessed his death as the blacksmith shop was collapsed on top of him when the town was attacked.

  • Mama Zerk

    Lena Zerk (nee Stronginthebeard) came from a long line of fierce Dwarven warriors. She was one of the best, but serious battle injuries made her rethink her life. She was tended to by a blacksmith in [[MorningOnCrescent] and the two fell in love and …

  • Snake Slayer

    Mightiest member of the Scales of Justice, reknowned for killing many snakes, dragons, cubes, and other monsters. Will turn on his master for bacon.

    Was unceremoniously dropped by his master Haladorr for a damn dirty ape, but he's not bitter …

  • Haladorr Boro

    A druid from the town of Morning on Crescent and a member of the Scales.

    He became Warden of the Woods for the Crescent Forest. After he helped defeat Klorphaxius and save Morning on Crescent, he decided to raise animals in the woods and enjoy …

  • Rathgar Maelstrom

    A dwarf raised by the temple of Obad-Hai in Morning on Crescent. Was left as a baby at the temple with a strange amulet.

    Eventually, he discovered that he was the lost prince of the Maelstrom clan of the Veil of Winter, which had been destroyed. …

  • Draube Zerk

    Brother of [[:grobzerk]], son of [[:mamazerk]] and Snouge Zerk, Draube takes after his mother of being battle-thirsty and unpredictable.

    After his mother and stepfather were killed by [[:klorphaxius]], he became Prince of the Orcs, along with his …

  • Richard Chelton

    A traveling scoundrel who was partners with Knolan Alvar Altimus for a while. Has a brother named Wesley who he calls "Weasel."

    He left the Scales for a time to impersonate the Green Talon, so as to be a spy for Morning. After his …

  • Verdigris

    Verdigris was studying under the Maelstrom clan of Dwarves for his priesthood when they were attacked. The King and Queen of Maelstrom gave their son Rathgar to him and asked him to take him to safety.

    Verdigris tried to escape the Gnolls, and …

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