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  • The Drowfather

    The Drowfather is the boss of organized crime in Van Legas, competing with the Black Talon for control of the area. He comes from up north, ey. He has no patience for hosers, and often greets visitors by saying "It's aboot time." He has yet to …

  • Hemlock Domes

    Hemlock Domes is the greatest detective in Van Legas, and possibly the world. He is quite expensive to hire, and seems to be working for the Black Talon.

    After the previous Black Talon was defeated, Hemlock became the new Black Talon in time for …

  • Perot Hercules

    Perot Hercules is a private detective in Van Legas, famous for solving the mystery of Murder on the Fitzleon Express. He speaks with an outrageous accent, and seems to be related to quite a number of people in town (including the proprietors of the Smelly …

  • Fred Fade

    Fred Fade is a Private Detective in Van Legas. His partner Sam Archer was killed by a no-good dame hunting a bird that was the stuff dreams are made of.

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