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  • Mandrake the Younger

    Mandrake the Younger is the son of Mandrake the Elder, and was the mayor of Morning on Crescent until it was destroyed. He is presumed destroyed along with the town.

    However, he had actually been warned of the impending destruction by Fitzleon, …

  • Dulin

    Born to the most musically talented family this edition of D&D has ever seen, nonetheless Dulin's ego was too huge to stay in her native Bel'Armoth and "study". She ended up in the far more glamorous Morning-on-Crescent making a far too modest living as …

  • Haladorr Boro

    A druid from the town of Morning on Crescent and a member of the Scales.

    He became Warden of the Woods for the Crescent Forest. After he helped defeat Klorphaxius and save Morning on Crescent, he decided to raise animals in the woods and enjoy …

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