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  • Mama Zerk

    Lena Zerk (nee Stronginthebeard) came from a long line of fierce Dwarven warriors. She was one of the best, but serious battle injuries made her rethink her life. She was tended to by a blacksmith in [[MorningOnCrescent] and the two fell in love and …

  • Ambassador Krusik

    Krusik is the ambassador from the Orcish Empire/Krogland to Fitzleon. His main job at the moment is to try to convince as many towns in Fitzleon as possible to join Krogland without having to resort to conquering.

  • Klorphax

    King Klorphax, the Red Tyrant, the Emperor of Blood, ruled the lands to the west for many years with an iron fist. Yet he never set his sights beyond the borders to his kingdom. He was content with ruling over the Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and other …

  • Malevictus

    One of Krog's trusted advisors, Malevictus studied certain dark arts from the spell-casters who set up the trap for Klorphax. After an assassination attempt on Krog's life, Malevictus joined with the Scales to negotiate with Fitzleon.

  • Protectar

    Protectar is a guardian spirit to the body of Lumin the Gold. He has a lion-like face and a dragon-like body. He protected Lumin's son, and now stands eternal vigil of Lumin's body. He has some kind of divine power, which he used to restore Draube to life …

  • Zorgin'Skeet Rahban

    Methodlogical and detail orinented. A leader (or desire to be) that perfers to send out underlings but fully belives that he will have to finish the job and often completes the task whether they do a good job or not.       …

  • Knot Altimus

    Knot is [[:knolanaltimus]]'s illegitimate child. He was conceived during a one night stand between Knolan and the elven maiden Tisha. He resents his father, but has the same undeniable passion for music and entertaining. He has a customer guitar/ …

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