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  • Virivis

    Virivis is the legendary transmuter who performed experiments on the descendants of the town of Muta in exchange for providing them with wealth, food, and protection. His sanctum is somewhere near Muta but has never been found by the residents. It is …

  • Malakai

    Malakai is the "boss" of Muta. He is an old man who looks like he has been crossed with a Raven. He, along with the rest of the town, is distrustful out outsiders and travelers, since most passing by don't treat the strange-looking residents well. He was …

  • Blue Bob

    Blue Bob is one of the party's pack mules who carry their cart. He has a blueish tint to his skin, and may have other abilities yet to be revealed. He was sold to the party by Malakai in the village of Muta.

  • Tazex the Everchanging

    Tazex the Everchanging was King of the Kobolds, leading his tribe to perform many raids against local caravans and merchants. Somehow, he ended up heavily mutated, being larger than normal, having four arms, and possessing the ability to breathe fire. …

  • Ambassador Krusik

    Krusik is the ambassador from the Orcish Empire/Krogland to Fitzleon. His main job at the moment is to try to convince as many towns in Fitzleon as possible to join Krogland without having to resort to conquering.

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