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  • Green Talon

    A member of the 5 Talons, he represents the Green. His real name is unknown, but the party discovered that he is Captain of the Royal Guard of Fitzleon. He was defeated at Morning on Crescent, but this body disappeared and thus probably is not dead.

  • Red Talon

     One of the Talons in service of the Children of Tiamat. Helped destroy Morning on Crescent. Supposed to serve Klorphaxius, but was noted to have an "unfortunate tendency towards free will." Lead a party into the volcano where Lumin the …

  • Blue Talon

    The Blue Talon is one of the five Talons that destroyed Morning on Crescent and serve the forces of the evil dragons.

    It was recently discovered that the Blue Talon is actually [[:dulin]]'s sister Nadin. She described having "taken" …

  • Black Talon

    The Black Talon was one of the villains who wiped out Morning on Crescent. He is a major force in the area surrounding the Slaughter Swamp. He has a history with Ceridan. His real name is Shard.

    He was killed by the Scales of Justice in the …

  • White Talon

    Once, was a member of the Maelstrom clan, who wanted to strip mine the mountains for raw materials to continue to manufacture his constructs and weapons. His name then was Freizen Ironside.

    The Maelstrom clan had been given half of the …

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