Adventure 16 Rewards

For defeating some pumped up Gnolls, a Stone Golem, a Frost Giant, a Frost Giant and his Mastodon, a Purple Worm, and a pile of Constructs (including the White Talon's battle Golem), Zorgin, Dulin, Ceridan, Knolan, Haladorr, and Rathgar receive:

  • If 9,8883 XP
  • If 10, 7083 XP
  • If 11, 5546 XP

For freeing Kyuzo the Silver, last imprisoned dragon, all PCs receive:

  • 8000 XP 

Recovered from the Gnolls:

  • 4 Battle Axes +1
  • 2 Longbows +1
  • 4 Breastplates +1
  • 2 Hide Armor +1

 Taken from Freizen's workshop:

  • A manual on construct creation. A master blacksmith can use this to forge a variety of constructs.
  • A strange mechanism that uses an array of strings to "cast" objects into the air at high speeds. The force of the shot is determined by what "strata" in the strings the object is placed in.
  • 40,000 gp
  • Statue of Wondrous Power: Golden Lion (single)
  • Eternal Wand of Magic Missile (5th Level Caster)
  • Bag of Boulders (M150)
  • Lesser Metamagic Rod of Substitution (Cold), 3/day
  • Sovereign Glue (one use)
  • Rope of Stone (M176)
  • Robe of Useful Items
  • +2 Heavy Steel Shield of Fire Resitance
  • Ring of Adamantine Touch (M121)
  • Rubicund Frenzy, Greater (M26)
  • Masterwork Alchemist's Lab

Adventure 16 Rewards

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