Fitzleon is the capital of the Fitzleon Empire, one of the five great nations founded after the Draconic Revolution. It is ruled by King Fitzleon the IV, but he spends most of his days involved with the ongoing war with the Veil of Winter. Most of the day to day operations of the Empire are managed by Farizir.

The city is divided into three strata. The outermost lands are the farmlands that feed the city itself, which lie outside the city walls. The middle city is where the merchants and servants live, and where the trade and guild activity takes place. The inner city is for the palace and noble estates of Fitzleon’s ruling class, and is heavily guarded.

The town contains several temples: Obad-Hai Heironeus St. Cuthbert

Several official guilds are set up in the middle city: Bards Guild Adventurers Guild

And one unofficial guild: Thieves Guild


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