This note was found in a tomb inside a ruined village:

I hope someone finds this letter, for it is the last one I will ever write. 5 unknown murderers came to our town, and have already killed my friends and family. They are still outside killing as I write this. My only solace is that I cannot hear their screams inside this closed tomb. Soon, I will either have to take my chances outside or remain here and let the candle take the last of my air.

The 5 gave no reason or warning: they simply arrived from the east and began to kill indiscriminately. My only guess is that the structure we discovered in the nearby volcano somehow alerted them and they came to punish us. There is something odd that 5 of us discovered the caves, each a different race, and now 5 different colored assassins wipe us out. Maybe I will find out the significance of this in the afterlife.

My time grows short. Soon I will be at peace with my family. But I hope that someone is able to use this information and bring justice.

The Last Will and Testament of Vahedi Farha and the town of Lenheat.


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