Morning on Crescent

Knolan’s Intro

“Greetings friends, and well-met friends. My name is Knolan Alvaar Altimus, storyteller and entertainer extraordinaire. It is my fond duty this morn to introduce you to the village that I call home, Morning On Crescent. Though I have traveled to lands far and wide, beyond the Veil of Winter to the Furnace Swamp, I have never discovered a place that I would rather call my home than here.

Morning on Crescent was founded hundreds of years ago by the Elven Duke Mandrake the Elder, just a few years after the end of the Draconic Revolution. The settlers found the forest to be a perfect gift from Obad-Hai, as it was then (and remains) a spot where exotic herbs and fruits of all types thrive. Today the town’s main export are these herbs and fruits, and are used in all manner of herbal medicine the world over.

Morning on Crescent has always made it a point to be welcoming to people of all types, provided they show due respect for the woods and all creatures of nature. Though the town is primarily Elven, there is a strong Human and Halfling presence, and even a few Dwarves have made their home here. It just goes to show, whether you grow a beard or hair on your feet, Morning on Crescent is the place to be.

While you’re here, be sure to check out the many sights the town has to offer. The Temple of Obad-Hai, lovingly crafted by Elven magics into the finest architecture in the country… and it’s all natural too! After hours, be sure to stop by the Vintage Cellar tavern, featuring an assortment of savory wines both local and imported. (And of course, you can see yours truly performing there nightly, along with some other less experienced entertainers.)

Morning on Crescent is just a day’s ride from Fitzelon, and just a few miles out of the way when traveling along the Rusted Road. Swing by, and be sure to ask for Knolan!”


The town was founded shortly after the Draconic Revolution by Mandrake the Elder. After his death, the ruler of the town became his son, Mandrake the Younger.

Shortly after its Tricential Party, the town was destroyed by forces unknown. There are no known survivors to the world at large.

Important Locations

The Temple of Obad-Hai

Mysterious Ruins

Howe’s House

Ruins below the Cellar

Morning on Crescent

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