Many years ago, the wizard Virivis offered the residents of a small village a proposition: in exchange for being magically experimented on, he would provide them with food, wealth, and protection. The people were tired of their daily struggles to survive, so they accepted. This arrangement went on for years until one day, he disappeared, and so did his offerings.

The residents of Muta are the descendants of those experimented on, and as a result, are quite strange looking. Everyone in town has some kind of mutation, mostly a combination with an animal. There are also people with elemental features.

Somehow, the experiments have warped the land itself, as even the animals in the area are stranger than normal. For example, the two mules Blue Bob and Sasparilla II have unusual qualities that most mules do not have.

The town is currently lead by Malakai, who is generally distrustful of outsiders.


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