I'll take a level in badass, please!


Sorcerer 4 Fighter 3 Bladesinger 3

Age: 130 Height: 5’ 4”


Born to the most musically talented family this edition of D&D has ever seen, nonetheless Dulin’s ego was too huge to stay in her native Bel’Armoth and “study”. She ended up in the far more glamorous Morning-on-Crescent making a far too modest living as tavern entertainment. Luckily, at some point she decided that perhaps she should see about figuring out that innate mysticism that practically seeped from her veins. Of course, being as she loves to run into combat first and think later, Dulin eventually decided to start practicing her old childhood blade skills. Luckily, it seems they were sharper than she remembered, and she has become more and more formidable as of late, especially upon learning of her dark and secret heritage.

She yearns for nothing more than power in the end, whether that be financial, political, physical or simply the power that comes from knowledge. Fate seems to have more in store for her however, though she tries to delay the inevitable decision – does she fight from her blood, or for her calling?


Scales of Justice Sucilaria