Captain Ishae Vorlas


Wizard 1/Fighter 14


Captain Vorlas joined up with Krog and his band to help free faraway lands from the tyranny of the Dragocracy. After that, he spent some time helping the lands rebuild. When Krog returned from the Pyrocracy, Ishae captained a ship to bring Krog and others to the new land.

Captain Vorlas spent some time as one of the top pirates around Freeport, never realizing that the Pirate King he served was actually a black dragon, and he's a bit pissed about it.

Vorlas wields a double-bladed sword in combat, and uses his dabbling of Wizardly magics to protect himself and occasionally True Strike. 

He was killed by the dragon Klorphaxius alongside his old party members. 

Captain Ishae Vorlas

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