Adventure 10 Rewards


This adventure was broken into three parts:

  • Lopslap, Dumkof, Upchuk, and Dimsum each earn 1525 XP for stopping the menace of the Rust Monsters.
  • The whole party each earn 1800 XP if 6th level or 1964 XP if 5th level for defeating the band of the Red Talon and some fire guardians.
  • Each member of the party except for Dulin (who had to drop back due to heat exhaustion) earns 1200 XP if 6th level or 1416 XP if 5th level for exploring the treacherous tunnels and defeati the efreeti.


The four Orcs from the town of Smashkroblunkzerg each receive 1200 gp as reward for completing the mission from Malevictus. The rest of the loot was gained from the Volcano.

  • Iron Ward Diamond, Least (MIC)
  • Oil of Magic Vestment +2
  • Incense of Concentration (MIC)
  • Scroll of Neutralize Poison, Scroll of Invisibility Purge, Cure Moderate Wounds, Protection from Energy, Cure Light Wounds (D)
  • Scroll of Sending, Identify, Tongues, Magic Circle vs. Evil, Cat’s Grace, Sending (A)
  • Oil of Keen Edge
  • Necklace of Fireballs Type I
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +1
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Potion of Mage Armor
  • Studded Leather +1
  • Breastplate +1
  • Dagger +1
  • Spear +1
  • 9060 gp

Scroll rules

As a reminder, to cast a spell from a scroll (from page 238 of the DMG):
  • To cast a spell, you must have the spell on your spell list, and be of the correct type (Arcane or Divine) to cast it.
  • You must have the requisite ability score to cast the spell. (10 + spell level, so a Cleric would need a Wisdom of 15 to cast a 5th level spell.)
  • If the spell being cast from a scroll is higher than the highest spell level you can cast, you must make a caster check (DC = scroll’s caster level + 1) to successfully cast it. Failure indicates the spell is wasted and not cast, and may trigger a scroll mishap.

Adventure 10 Rewards

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