Fendarr Guitar

Fendarr the Orcish musical instrument maker has offered to build Knolan a mighty guitar to go up against his son's guitar made by the famous Son of Gibs. Fendarr needs the following items:

  • Alnico Magnets
  • Long Troll hair strings
  • A Strat to be Cast
  • An amplifier, the kind that goes to Elven

Fendarr's Strat-Caster is a +3 Harmonizing Thundering Greataxe, but because it is shaped like a guitar, bards are proficient with it. It has the following special abilities:

  • It can be used as a light crossbow by using the strings to fire a bolt. (This is the Strat-Casting mechanism)
  • Thundering adds +1d6 sonic damage to any hit by it or any missiles shot from it.
  • All bardic music played while using it has triple range.
  • Harmonizing: any bard music used automatically is picked up by the guitar, so the bard does not need to continue playing. This effect lasts for 10 rounds, until new bardic music is played, or until the bard wills it to end (whichever happens first.)
  • Any damage to the strings automatically regenerates.

Fendarr Guitar

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