Krogland was formerly known as the Kingdom of Klorphax, ruled by King Klorphax the Red, the Tyrant of Blood. However, it was usually just referred to as the Orcish lands, since Klorphax did not seem to bother with any kind of centralized government, and generally let the Orcish, Hobgoblin, and Goblin tribes battle amongst each other. Whatever Klorphax needed, he took through strength of arms and a near impenetrable capital city, a fortress built during the Draconic Revolution.

None of the other countries intervened in Klorphax’s kingdom- some claimed that the Orcs put up too hard of a fight when invading, while others claimed it simply wasn’t worth conquering. Armies (mostly of Fitzleon and the Elven Duchies) were occasionally dispatched to deal with localized threats to the Kingdom, but no permanent solution was developed.

Then, Flying Sir General King Emperor Admiral (he bought a boat) Mardek Krog the Orc the Dragonslayer Bandit arrived from another land, accompanied by other adventurers. While on his journeys, he encountered a traveler who claimed that there was a vast country of Orcs being enslaved by a red dragon in disguise.

Krog united the Orcish tribes and defeated Klorphax, and was declared King of the Orcs. Though there had been some rumors that Krog was a bit… eccentric… his success was unquestionable. He re-christened the land (and capital) after himself, and began to change Krogland from being a nation of warring tribes into a unified Empire. So far, it seems that the only way that Krog can succeed at keeping the Orcs together is to declare perpetual war.

A dangerous cult has emerged that opposes Krog, and it has taken root throughout the Empire. The Cult of Gruumsh wishes to depose Krog and install their own government dedicated to the service of Gruumsh, One-Eyed God of Slaughter. Civil war may be brewing between them.


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